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Welcome to Kenmore

Welcome to Kenmore Scherhazade Indian Restaurant!

The name Scherhazade has been well known and well received in Brisbane over the years and is synonymous with fine Indian cuisine.

Now Scherhazade presents a comprehensive and tasty menu from our traditional Tandoori oven and our authentic curry selection.

India is land rich in culture and ancient history. Its heritage has been greatly influenced by the many foreign rulers and settlers through the centuries. This is the evidence in the vast difference in food tastes.

This menu aims to bring you across-section of our varied cuisine from rich mild to medium curries of the north to the spicy fare of the south.

The my stry of Indian cooking lies in the extensive, yet intricate, blending of a variety of herbs and spices, each with their own distinct flavour. The banquet and buffet is an interesting and social way to enjoy a wide variety of our delicious cuisine.

Our staff will be delighted to assist you in selecting a meal to your taste. I hope your meal is enjoyable and thank you for dining with us.
Your host,


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